Weight Training

The combination of cardio and weight lifting is the best to reduce the body fat and gain the muscles.In fact,the circulation of the metabolism will be increased dramatically by working on both.As the weight training can reduce the liver sugar level and it can even has the better fat reducing result by doing the cardio right after. Accordingly you can always customize your own program by aiming either the muscles gaining or the body tone up.It is absolutely up to your own desire.


At the meantime,we are offering the 40% off to the personal training programs.Such promotion rate will be restricted to either the 2hrs PT or weight lifting training program only.Again,have a great work out guys.


重量訓練 六折優惠 ​追求強健體魄,優美肌肉線條,須接受重量訓練。

一拳有多重? 是指肌肉能發揮的最大力量(肌力適能)。

能拳如雨下嗎: 是指肌肉能重複的活動次數(肌耐力適能)。









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