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葵涌總會:香港新界葵涌貨櫃碼頭路51-63號葵順工業中心13樓頂樓全層(港鐵葵芳站C出口) Address: 13/F, Kwai Shun Industrial Centre, 51-63 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung,N.T.,Hong Kong

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李嘉誠投資研發!負卡路里健態飲品 CELSIUS輕盈抵港!!

其他投資者包括G.E.M.鄧紫棋及遊戲品牌雷蛇 (Razer)旗下的 Ventures。CELSIUS攝氏健態飲品是全球首款「負卡路里」健態飲品,獨特專利MetaPlus配方經臨床驗證,可有效加速新陳代謝、燃燒體內脂肪,並提升活力能量,增強運動耐力及表現。無論是逛街購物,還是帶狗散步都能至少消耗 100 卡路里,運動前15分鐘飲用更能助燃更多卡路里,煉成健康夏日海灘body沒有難度!
無論是逛街購物,還是放狗散步都能至少消耗 額外 100 卡路里。

配方貫徹健康理念 : 
✅維他命B及C; 鈣
✅含豐富綠茶精華 (EGCG 兒茶素)、 「加力果」瓜拿納籽及生薑精華
✅低升糖指數 (GI),適合關注糖尿病之人士 


CELSIUS® fitness drink is the world’s first negative calorie drink. Originated from the USA, the proprietary MetaPlus® blend is designed to accelerate metabolism, burn calories and body fat while providing healthy energy and improve endurance.
Backed by 6 clinical studies†, when consumed 15 minutes before any activity, CELSIUS® promotes thermogenesis and helps burn additional 100+ calories.
Whether your activity is shopping or walking your dog, running or lifting, CELSIUS® is the Drink that Betters Your Life.
Made with better-for-you ingredients: 
✅Vitamin B & C; Calcium
✅Green Tea Extract with EGCG; Guarana Seeds and Ginger
✅Very Low Sodium
✅Low Glycemic Index (GI), suitable for diabetics
❎NO Sugar, Aspartame, High Fructose Corn Syrup

Includes two flavors.
• Sparkling Cola
• PeachMangoGreenTea

330毫升 $20
330ml $20

Now on sale in ONE BAK