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葵涌總會:香港新界葵涌貨櫃碼頭路51-63號葵順工業中心13樓頂樓全層(港鐵葵芳站C出口) Address: 13/F, Kwai Shun Industrial Centre, 51-63 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung,N.T.,Hong Kong

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Since Muay Thai is high-density and aerobic exercises, it can exercise every inch of muscle. High variety of exercise training mode can also make you excited and will not feel bored!You only need a short time to keep fit and slim. (Experienced coaches will also provide free dietary guidance)Remarks: Content of Thai Slim will focus on physical fitness training.
Our experienced coaches will make arrangement for different levels of students in order to reach under a relaxed environment to enhance the mind, physical and skill improvements.
For modern women, Muay Thai training can improve neck pain, EQ and also sleeping quality .Since the training can improve all muscle parts of body, the body shape can be easily modeled.
Training Content:
1.Warm up
2.Attack / defense combination
3.Pairs of training / physical skills training (Advanced students)
4.Sandbags and punch and kick target training
5.Physical fitness training
6.Relaxation exercise6.Relaxation exercise
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Professional coaches will be here with you to practice in kicking, punching and sparring in order to enhance improving individual skills and physical fitness. (Suitable for all men, women and advanced students)

助你消脂 鍛鍊優美身段 泰拳修身課堂