As we understand,by remain with the same exercise movement can cause the sharp pain on the muscle which cause the outer part of the tendon become so tense In fact it may lose the flexibility of the muscles.If only rely on the self recovery that might create the scar on the muscle tissue which can be considered as do called the trigger point.In addition,the lack of the treatment to the muscle can also cause the nerve sensitivity and blood circulation delay .The the body coordination eill be reduced dramatically will absolutely reduce the sport performance .

In order to overcome the trigger point problem ,good stetching seems work perfectly but you better make sure the tendon will be stetchedas well or the muscle will pull back or even shrink.That is the reason people feel the muscle even tighter after the injury.
The instructor will use the foam Roller or the message ball which can reduce the muscle pain by giving the right amount of the pressure on the affected area.
The program is designed for the people who have the neck back arm elbow or wrist pain which has stay with them for a long time.It is also very effective to resolve the stressful life ,improper sitting position or movement etc.

運動或長時間維持同一動作簡稱”勞損”位於肌肉外層的筋膜會持續收縮無法放鬆久而久之會產生緊繃狀態和酸痛感。自行修復過程中會留下疤痕組織及小的結節,這些小結節又稱為激痛點(Trigger point),當未適當處理的情況下會影響動作模式及阻礙神經傳導及血液流動,降低肌肉收縮靈敏度,動作效率,協調性及全身的力量,最後出現代償機制。


運動特點:導師會引導運用Foam Roller及按摩球等工具按壓激痛點,從而達到筋膜放鬆效果。